How can online therapy with Calmerry help: pandemic and beyond?

APA’s 2020 survey shows that Americans have been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are now facing a national mental health crisis that could yield serious health and social consequences for years to come.

This time we don’t even need statistical data to see the depth of the problem. This year we have been faced with more pressure factors than we could have ever imagined: isolation, tension in relationships, worrying about staying safe and making sure your loved ones are too, vague career prospects, concerns about future in general — and plenty more, all leading to anxieties, mood swings and other not that pleasant consequences.

However, this does not mean we have to give into the distress. Whichever of the below you have felt — It is completely normal and there are always ways to work through it.

  1. Feeling alone, isolated and closed-up

This is a common feeling many of us have experienced for different reasons. The lockdown did not make it easier having brought along lack of live communication. We miss hugging those we love, laughing at a good joke together with a friend, being stuck in the concert crowd and so much more.

Individual therapy gives you an opportunity to share your concerns and emotions with a licensed professional, who will guide you through a rough patch.

2. Having trouble in communicating your concerns to your loved ones

While here you don’t feel alone, you still can’t share your fears and worries with people around you. This can happen for different reasons, but no matter the reasoning — you feel that these unshared emotions are dragging you down. A trusted third party — as an online therapist — will be there for you to listen and help in any circumstances.

3. Feeling tensions in family relations

Staying at home and managing daily routine, your job and kids at the same time? Having to constantly share your space with other people? Feeling tired after having no single moment spent alone? These are all completely natural feelings we all encounter once in a while. Unfortunately, they can develop into larger conflicts that might affect the family.

Talking to the counselor will be advisable to get some weight off your shoulders. The therapist will give practicable insights on how to manage the situation, highlighting changes that should be implemented to improve the situation.

Whatever your situation is if you have decided to get started with online therapy from Calmerry, you should know that the process is very simple.

All you have to do is:
  1. Sign up and create your personal account where you will be able to schedule sessions, exchange messages with a professional, and have a video call for digital meetings.
  2. Fill in and submit a questionnaire. Give answers about what challenges you are experiencing and your preferences for a counselor you want to work with. It’s important as, based on your answers, a matching professional will be assigned.
  3. Choose the pricing plan that fits your budget.
  4. Begin your journey.

Opening the door to meaningful online therapy

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